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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


Graphic Design, Art, Illustration, Alison Cordry, Vector, Editorial Design, Newsletter, Postcard, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My artwork explores contrasting types of movement as it exists between the foreground and background, creating visual hierarchy in each piece. In my body of work there is repeatedly a clear, static, and generally geometric object as the focal point, and a comparatively more undulating, fluid body of forms creating the background. I am interested in the relationship between the human body and natural landscape, which inspires the work I do in my figure illustrations. Another characterizing aspect of my work is the color palette, most often made up of analogous colors that are cool rather than warm. These colors are selected to give the work a sense of cohesion overall and an impression of calm, quiet, and slowness. I am particularly interested in how minimalism can lead to a higher clarity in a work of art, giving focus to what is most important, so that the viewer is able to engage more directly with the artwork.

Similarly, in my professional graphic design work, I use minimal compositions to create promotional pieces that are direct and effective. A defining aspect of this work is the clean layout, which helps to concentrate focus on the essential information being presented. I am also concerned with the relationship between typography and images in the design of each piece, finding harmony between them in order to enhance the work.


Alison Cordry

Alison Cordry Senior Art Portfolio