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Cameron Wrenn Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio.

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere, WI


Art Exhibition, Art Show, Photography, Design, Portfolio, Graphic Design, Cinemagraph, Wedding Photography, St. Norbert College Art


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Nature is the core inspiration for my photography, from earthy colors, textures and shapes to natural light, warm tones, and changing seasons. These elements form the basis for the environments I depict. I single out a specific moment or detail, trying to capture the uniqueness and significance in often overlooked places.

This series, however, is a diversion from nature and an exploration into portraits to showcase different moments in life. It is the study of light, texture, tones, colors, and positioning in relation to the different aspects of people. The faces of each main figure are hidden to allow viewers to put themselves into the photographs. In this way, the moments begin to become universal and the stories therein begin to become our own.

Both in life and in photographs, we often notice and connect with people before noticing their surrounding environments. The “Cinemagraph,” which is the combination of a still photo and a GIF, is an attempt at combining the environment with the person. While the person is usually noticed first, it is the movement within the environment that becomes the primary focus.


Copyright, Cameron Wrenn, 2018

Cameron Wrenn Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio 2018