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Patrick Parks Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere, Wisconsin


Art Exhibition, Graphic Design, acrylic paint, spray paint, Text, Collage, oil pastel, mixed media, art exhibition, space, illustrator, studio art, People, Self Portrait


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Patrick Parks Artist’s Statement I have always been fascinated with animation style of drawing and like to combine it with other art styles to make unique pieces of work. Most of my work has many layers. This is evident in Self-Portrait #2, which is created in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The movement of the lines have an energetic feel to them, and the buildup of paint creates texture. When it comes to graphic design, I use the atmosphere around my subjects to create an intimate moment where the subject is lost in a moment in time all alone. In untitled, #1, for example, the two people in the image both appear to be lost in their own separate worlds. Most of my work features people because I love the challenge of trying to convey human feelings and emotions in a two-dimensional space. I also use the figure in art to convey story.


Copyright Patrick Parks, 2018

Patrick Parks Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio