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Senior Art Show Exhibition Portfolio by Sadie Jung. This exhibition includes five oil paintings and one documentary.

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere, Wisconsin


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Art and Design

Artist Statement

These works of art are about human connection. They are people, objects, and places. They are stories of travel, love, and surviving. They are relationships, music, and wrinkles. I explore the movement, anatomy, and possessions that define us. I used oil paint to embody depth and flow. This work explores all things people, the objects we use, the things we say, and the places we explore.

For example, Kind Words is a documentary that proves how powerful one sentence can be. It explores the relationships between individuals and how meaningful a kind word is. In this video, students at St. Norbert College are filmed reading kind words their peers had said about them. The best part-- it was a surprise. I captured their reaction to the kind words and followed up with questions on how these words affected them.

Pops is a portrait of my grandfather. His signature smirk and personality is embodied in this oil panting. This tie has been worn to weddings and in the courthouse. His tie is an object that stands for so much more than one would see. He is a lawyer, a father, and a grandfather. Like Pops, each piece tells its own story.


copyright, Sadie Jung 2018

Sadie Jung Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio 2018