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Aisling Jelinski's Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio, completed in Spring 2018 as a part of the Senior Art Capstone. These five pieces are a part of the series What Was True Is False, inspired by Hellenistic and Classical sculpture, the stories behind them, and the relationship between history and knowledge.

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere


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Art and Design

Artist Statement

My current series What Was True Is False is not only inspired by Hellenistic and Classical sculpture, but also the stories behind the art. Though considered fictional today, at one time they were believed as fact. This leaves me wondering what things we consider true today may be false in the future – and perhaps if there is something the ancients had right that we wrote off as just another myth. Many sculptures featured in What Was True Is False are of those once worshipped for their divinity. However, the statues left our history, buried under ruined temples and within mountainsides, only to be rediscovered years later. They wear the aging of time, eroded like a mountain where what was once below the surface becomes the summit, yet even in their broken state, there is a sense that they require veneration – only now in museums rather than temples. I am worshipping them in my own way through painting.

I create art which examines history and knowledge as they relate to the passage of time and the life of an object or idea – which has a birth and eventual death, for nothing is immortal. The material and immaterial things humans carry with us, through generations and migrations, as well as what is forgotten or left behind, is also explored in my work. I am concerned about preservation of objects, nature, and human knowledge. I still find myself mourning the loss of the Library of Alexandria, although thousands of miles and many millennia separate our two existences. I love to learn and gather information for the sheer joy of knowing it, and use my art as a means of sorting through and finding connections between those pockets of knowledge.


Copyright, Aisling Jelinski, 2018

Aisling Jelinski Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio