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Taylor Biese Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio completed in Spring 2018.

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere


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Art and Design

Artist Statement

Making art has always been a way to express myself without words. I make art not only to fight the stereotypes of an artist today, but to feed my drive for labor-intensive, repetitive processes. Years of labor have instilled in me a need for routine, and redundant actions. Making art has become a quiet, almost spiritual process, echoing work, daily struggle, and identity. Labor intensive construction and time consuming projects allow me to be more creative and gives me much more freedom to express myself. It has also improved my attention to detail, my sense for routine, and the overall quality of my work.

My constant desire is to create something without boundaries. When there are no limits, the possibilities are endless. If time, money, resources, and materials were endless, I would be content. When searching for inspiration, I don’t allow myself to get wrapped up in the cost of materials and amount of time I have to accomplish a project because I know I will get it done. I get so absorbed in my work, I don’t care about anything else. A significant part of creating art is understanding the material being used and the manner in which it forms a piece. For instance, using screws to create the surface of a painting requires focus on more than just the image when compared to traditional practices. In the studio, I take ideas and let them grow through improvisation as I embrace the unforeseen possibilities that arise when building by hand. Letting my mind wander in the creative process allows me to be less grounded on a final product. Instead, I can focus on the task at hand and test ideas as they arise.

After working in a theatre setting and building many theatrical sets these past four years at St. Norbert College, I have started working three-dimensionally with theatrical components sneaking their way in when I least expect it. Incorporating textures, odd angles, random materials, and bright colors has brought a cohesive character to my work. Just like I become lost in my work, I hope viewers become lost in the creation and execution of these pieces as well.


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Taylor Biese Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio