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This portfolio contains several graphic design illustrations and one package design all created by James Rogers

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere, WI


Graphic Design, Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Package Design, Poster Design, Logo Design, Portrait, Sticker, Art Gallery, Art Exhibition, Vinyl, Typography, St. Norbert College, Breaking Bad, Wine Tasting, Main Hall, Astronaut Ice Cream


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My artwork is about expanding user interaction with a product through graphic image. I begin by making as close of an actual representation as I can, making my depiction authentic and appealing to the consumer. I typically use a warm color palette to highlight the subject of the work.

I choose a typeface that can unify the art. The typography I typically choose is sans serif and simplistic. I like to make the words stand out and just communicate the message.

I enjoy precision in a messy world and tend towards symmetry, use clean shapes, and have a system of balance in my mind. For example, my logo design has geometric and sharp edges, with high contrast against the background, pushing the viewer to notice it. Yet it is an abstraction of my signature and initials, J and R. It also leads the viewer’s eye to read “DESIGN” and then follow the path of the logo towards the center, and then back again.

My piece, Say My Name, is another example of my above themes. I have taken an iconic character shot from the show Breaking Bad and translated it into an abstraction of what the scene means. I wanted to capture the exact emotion the character displayed in the show. There are few gradients in the work and we can barely tell where one color ends and another begins. It took painstaking days to find the perfect shades of fleshy pink and brown to get the look I wanted.


Copyright James Rogers 2018

James Rogers Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio