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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


graphic design, illustration, packaging design, logo design, branding, magazine, menu, photography


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I strive for simplicity and clarity. I use basic elements and treat my work as a puzzle where each and every element has a specific place and it's my job to find the right fit. To do so, I use clean design, presenting order and control. To communicate effectively, a conscious decision about placement and spacing is prevalent in every design.

My creative process begins with sketching. With any inspiration I put pencil to paper and dive right in. I find that sketching allows me to discover multiple possibilities before taking my designs to the computer, resulting in my most successful work. Choosing a color palette follows the sketching process. A neutral, monochromatic color palette is frequently seen in my work.

Design allows me to express and explore my ideas and interests visually so I aim to make work that is visually appealing to the eye. Promotional work is my forté. I love branding, manipulating typography and creating graphic illustrations. I start with a bold focal point to draw the viewer in followed by simplistic detail to create a balance. The integration of vector illustration within design can be seen throughout my work, where graphics commonly precede typography. Manipulation of the positive and negative space creates contrast in the work, which often results in the negative space playing a large role in the design itself. I intend to create work that speaks for itself, work that needs no explanation. I believe communication is primary in all work.

One of my favorite aspects of design is that it is limitless. There are an infinite amount of possibilities combined with endless inspiration from the world around me. As an artist I absorb each and every fine detail and look for inspiration everywhere. There is always more work to be made which means I am constantly growing and learning as a designer. When looking forward, I know this is only the beginning.


Emily Olsen

Emily Olsen Senior Art Portfolio