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Maureen Lutz Senior Art Show Portfolio

Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere


Art Exhibition, Digital, Photography, Abstract, Poster, Origami, Installation, eyes, High Contrast, Abstract Photography, Illustrator


Art and Design

Artist Statement

As a Graphic Designer, I often times attempt to incorporate multiple mediums into one piece. An example of this is how I often take photography and manipulate it through Adobe products to create something new and different. These new pieces range from creating simple patterns to completely altering a photograph until it blends into an illustration. To achieve this, a majority of focus is placed on the process. The emphasis of process is exemplified in ‘Series 1’. This project started out with a set of pastel colored stock paper and through the use of origami-inspired folding and multiple cans of spray paint, I created an unrecognizable paper sculpture. I then took this sculpture into the lighting lab and experimented with different lighting and different settings on the camera, while focusing on the different angles available and how they differed from each other through texture and color. The end result was unrecognizable from what I started out with. By focusing on the process, I have the opportunity to experiment with multiple different routes.

Also represented in ‘Series 1’ is an example of how, more often than not, my pieces will feature close ups with high contrast, and different textures. This is an attempt to take simple everyday objects and turn them into almost unrecognizable pieces or emphasize certain parts of the object. Forcing people to view an object through an abstract lens instead of just taking it in at face value.

My work has high contrast, often with heavy dark backgrounds and then bright pops of color. As one moves across the selection of pieces, the colors get brighter until the dark background disappears completely but the high contrast remains.


Maureen Lutz, 2018

Maureen Lutz Senior Art Show Portfolio