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Semester Completed

Spring 2018


De Pere


Art, Drawing, Color Pencil


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My artistic expression expresses a love for bold, colorful simplicity with a focus on a particular subject that stands out with minimal background detail. Warm colors, geometrical shapes, and facial features are prominent themes throughout both my design and fine art work. Color most effectively expresses my vivid imagination as an individual in both my design and fine art. It is an expression of many bold colors that do not make their way enough into everyday life often enough; my imagination then fully expresses itself in this way by bringing these intense arrays of color into the world.

My drawings focus on faces full of color, and the main figures being drawn are primarily people and animals. Color pencil is the medium that is used to express these saturated colors. The desire to draw faces exhibits my love for interpersonal depth with others and shares that within the pieces. Bold, colorful tones come out the most especially when I am drawing people wearing makeup. Makeup is an artistic expression in itself that I use not only to express my love for these colors, but also my desire to empower and instill confidence in both myself and others through its application.

My design work, much like my fine art, draws on simple, bold, and colorful figures with minimal background attention. This focus takes its place in mostly geometrical shapes, such as circles and rectangles. Warm colors give the pieces a wonderful wash of color that reflects the vivid imagination in my own mind rather than those commonly found in the world. In this way, I implement my intense imagination of colors into the real world through the pieces.


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Lauren Rice's Senior Art Portfolio