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This is the digital senior art portfolio for Nicolette Sylvain. It includes two paintings created on raw canvas using spray paint, screen printing, and liquid acrylic.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere, WI


Spray paint, Painting, Acrylic, Liquid Acrylic, Screen printing, Coding, Code


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This work explores the relationships between digital and handmade. Finding the similarities between the two styles and discovering ways to show how they complement one another allows me to create more complex and interesting paintings. I utilize this style to engage the audience in dense, sensory loaded imagery, and symbols. This creates layers of meaning in the work, stretching the mind to discern meaning in the symbols. The symbolism is explored with the use of shapes, pop culture references, layering, and color.

Digital art is a form of language. The symbols and imagery used in technology are meant to be simple, to communicate quickly and effectively, yet at the same time be a place where people can struggle to interpret meanings. I see opportunity for combining the digital and fine art, especially in the representation of digital code. I incorporate actual coding text from images into my work as a way to layer the same “image” multiple ways in different forms. To further layer meaning, I use many art mediums in my work, including painting, graphic design, and printmaking. This has allowed me to place hidden messages and meanings in the work, relating shape to the abstracted form of computer coding.


Copyright, Nicolette Sylvain

Nicolette Sylvain, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio