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This is a portfolio created for Senior Art Exhibition 2019. This work included painting, collage, and graphic design.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere, WI


graphic design, mixed media painting, collage, poster design, painting, art, portfolio, human rights, gender, campaign


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My practice is the combination of personal passions with a rational, logical, and pragmatic approach to design. The hypothetical Amnesty International campaign I have created takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues. Developing this campaign has made me realize how much my passion for advocacy has grown and changed throughout my time at St. Norbert. In my designs, concept is paramount, and the material form is secondary. My method and execution follow the pre-existing focus and mission of Amnesty International. The straightforward approach of my designs breaks down barriers between the viewer and the upsetting scenarios that I believe must be confronted. I find that my work is inherently narrative and iconographic. My design style incorporates saturated blocks of color with linear alignment. Often times, my design choices are fueled by discussions with professors or peers, through which I gauge what kind of feeling would be successful to portray throughout this campaign.


Copyright Sarah Chojnacki

Sarah Chojnacki, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio