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Senior Art Exhibition presented in the Baer Gallery from April 8th to May 3rd. The work includes package design, printmaking, and graphic design.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere, Wi


Package Design, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Logo, Art


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I am often asked “Why art?” and the answer is relatively straightforward. My artistic expression enhances the world as I see it without having to verbally describe it. I use my art as a way to integrate an organic aesthetic with today’s modern world. The themes I use are a way to stimulate a sense of stillness in the viewer. I believe that art should be an escape from reality.

This work represents explorations in brand development and printmaking. I bring these forms together in my art using prominent themes of flowing line detail, a soft color palette, boldness when necessary, and an overall sense of simplicity. These themes give my art an organic aesthetic and naturalistic aesthetic.

Daily interactions are what inspire most of my ideas. I pay attention to people, nature, and the world as it happens around me. For example, my brand development piece “Papavero D’Oro” was inspired by the idea of societal engagement and celebration. Wine in particular is a way to bring together loved ones and many other relationships; I wanted my wine brand to create a sense of invitation to the consumer with the detailed floral patterns conveying a modern look. This blend of organic themes and modern aesthetic is something that repeats in much of my work.


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