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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


environment, design, graphic design, illustration, printmaking, screen print, sustainability


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Graphic Design | Illustration | Printmaking

Artist Statement

I want my art to encourage people to do three things after they have observed it- think, reconsider, and do something. I need to communicate about difficult and sometimes controversial subjects that provoke thought, which in return can allow for people to have new ways of seeing complex issues. I desire for people to see the future we are making. I strive to help them to see what humanity is doing to the earth and consider what small changes they can make in their homes and daily lives.

The environment around me is what inspires my work; nature, people, and culture. The societies of people in this world are the ones who guide the environment one-way or the other toward health and prosperity or to decaying and extinction. Politics play a large roll in my work, inspiring me to make more art about nature. I am passionately driven by the thought that future artists, scientists, children in generations to come will not see the same world we do and that a green, abundant, and growing landscape will only be a far off fantasy work they cannot even imagine. This is why I am compelled to create these dystopian futures.

As I am designing all of my pieces, I am attentive to design with my audience in mind. I want my audience to be broad and inclusive and aspire for people to feel a design concerns them or possibly relates to them.


Katie Vogel

Katie Vogel Senior Art Portfolio