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Senior art exhibition for the semester of Spring 2019, shown in the Godschalx Gallery from April 8th to May 3rd. Two sculptural pieces and a photography piece are shown of my work.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere


Sculpture, found materials, photography, 8-track, suspended, symbolism, peony


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I use art to express my thoughts. With photography, I can project feelings through the escape my camera gives me, something I want to share with everyone. I use it as a method of documentation, a way to remember experiences. Sculpture helps me give the viewer the ability to step into the thoughts that I want to share, thoughts about depression, love, pain, happiness, and joy.

The photograph shown here represents the beginning of my career here at St. Norbert College. This dark brooding scene is meant to capture what I have felt in the past and what I sometimes feel now. On the other end of this spectrum are sculptures that represent the ending of my career as a student here. I find that that the creative aspect of adding to found objects gives a second meaning to something that might have been tossed aside or dismissed. Items such as 8-track tapes give me the ability to work in several ways. The repetitive use of the flowing tapes coming from a fixed point or the hard-shell casings. The punching bag represents the hard work that is put into something which can become repetitive over time and lose meaning as it is beaten repeatedly.


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Joseph Donohue, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio