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it is a senior art exhibition for Jennifer Han, work with photography, stop motion and typeface design

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere, Wisconsin


photography, stop motion and typeface design


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I am an international student from Taiwan majoring in graphic design at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. When I was a high school student in Taiwan, exploring its night markets that are found all over the island, I’d look at the packaging on the various Taiwanese snacks. I noticed that the shoppers' first impressions of a product’s package design had a strong influence on their decision to try and buy the products. Graphic design has the power to influence other consumer decisions in choosing one item over another. Therefore, designing graphics gives you a chance to catch people’s attention and communicate. My art is more conceptual, my paintings more abstract and fluid with blurred colors and lights. Currently, my graphic design style is more graphic, more about working with bold shapes and lines. I am also an avid photographer, I enjoy photographing things/subjects/situations… that I find beautiful in hopes of recording them. Most of my work is inspired by things around me or ideas from my culture. However, in the future I am hoping to find my own design style in a place where I can be inspired by seeing other designer's work and learn from the feedback of others. There are still many different paths waiting for me to discover.


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Jennifer Han Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio