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This Senior Art Portfolio was created by Carla Davila, It consists of graphic design and package design for a mock cosmetic brand Culture Shadows. This work was displayed in the Baer Gallery, in the Spring of 2019.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere


#graphicdesign, #packagedesign, #advertisement, #makeup, #illustration


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Culture Shadows is a mock cosmetic brand I created to house the design of logos, products, and advertisements. Culture Shadows’ has two themes for the line of products, inspired by two cultural celebrations, Fiesta, in which the Hispanic culture and heritage is celebrated with parades and dances, and Chinese New Year in which the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar is celebrated through public performances like the Dragon Dance and fireworks. The tagline for Culture Shadows is, “Because Every Day Is A Celebration”.

The color palettes are inspired by elements of each respective celebration. For example, the blue shade in Chinese New Year theme is named Dragon Dance. The Dragon Dance is a highlight in Chinese New Year festivities. The dance consists of a team of people moving the Dragon Costume up, down, and sideways, this makes it appear as if the Dragon is dancing. The names are chosen carefully to respectfully and adequately represent parts of these celebrations.

As a makeup enthusiast, I stay updated on the latest products. This level of engagement has made me aware that consumers crave new color schemes for eyeshadows, just as much as they desire new and exciting themes behind each product. In this project, I further explore graphic illustration with particular attention to creative ideas and detail. For example, the logo for Culture Shadows is designed to appear as an eye because the focus for the cosmetic brand is eye shadow.

The packaging for Culture Shadows is designed with a playful tone. The design and concept celebrate cultural diversity. Facts about the celebrations are included on the packaging. This allows the experience of each festivity to be shared with consumers while they are interacting with a colorful eyeshadow scheme.


Copyright Carla Davila

Carla Davila, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio