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The Senior Art Exhibition was on display in the Baer Gallery in the spring of 2019. This work consists of package design, advertising brochure, stop-motion film, and sculpture.

Semester Completed

Spring 2019


De Pere


sculpture, wood, stop-motion film, charcoal, graphic design, package design, advertising brochure, brochure, mixed media, film, chocolate packaging


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My design work utilizes straight lines and other geometric forms to create a sense of solitude, something I find comforting. I also work with natural surfaces to create texture. The rustic surfaces of trees and wood often appear in my work, especially in the Assemblage piece.Texture is also a major part of my design work, especially in my use of typography. In both the chocolate packaging and my SNC brochure I use typography to keep the design rustic and a bit edgier.

The video, That House on the Hill, was made using my Nikon camera to capture the drawings I made. I used charcoal to convey a dingy, chilling look. Each of the moving elements, like the children and flying bats, were detachable objects that I moved slightly in each picture. The music in the background was created by playing with the ukulele. With the help from my boyfriend, Kyle, we were able to experiment with different unsettling sounds from the ukulele. The story is one of a house that seems distant and looming over the children who walk past it with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. The viewer has a sense of fear for the children as they encounter the abandoned, broken down house. They don’t realize that they are actually disturbing a presence of something inside when they vandalize the building. Only the boy off to the side, who doesn’t feel completely accepted by this group, has compassion for things that may be different. Maybe he is drawn to it by some unexplainable force, or maybe there is a real and physical reason he is the odd man out. His curiosity and compassion get the best of him and finally finds out what the house holds. Inside the walls he truly feels accepted.


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Lindsay Kropp, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio