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At the request of the artist, this portfolio has become campus only: you can access it here with your SNC email.

These are three digital illustrations regarding social issues created by Shiela Mae Holder for her senior art exhibition. The size of each of these social illustrations is 18 in. by 24 in. The first social illustration is a cellphone issue illustration, the second illustration is an opioid issue illustration, and the third illustration is a religion issue illustration.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


De Pere


Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Senior Art Show, Social Issue Illustrations, Senior Student project


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Shiela Mae Holder: Artist Statement

I created a series of illustrations for my senior capstone that focuses on social issues. For example, the distraction of cell phone use that keeps people from interacting with one another. One illustration depicts people looking at a piece of art in a museum in which a woman is addicted to her cell phone but the other people who are in the museum are also distracted by their cell phones. The second illustration I created is about the opioid crisis in America. I want to raise awareness that this issue is a huge problem not only for the people who are addicted but for their families as well.

My main inspirations are the internationally famous graphic illustrators Anna Parini and Malika Favre. These two illustrators use bright colors and metaphors to communicate artistic concepts. Like them, I try to create designs that are minimal but strong with regard to visual representation. I believe that design does not have to be complicated to communicate to the viewers effectively.

The color of the tree leaves in fall forms a beautiful palette that shows up regularly in my work. I like natural colors because I like to spend time in nature. I like to explore lakes, hike in the woods, and camp in the forest. I always like to see the colors in nature because they are very comforting. Also, bright colors, especially fall colors, are beautiful and people are always looking forward to the fall season because not only is the weather nice but the leaves that come from the trees are also mesmerizing to look at.


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Shiela Mae E. Holder,