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Abstract three-piece series created by Annabelle Broeffle in the fall of 2019. It includes sculpture and installation art. The series is focused on indigenous social issues.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


De Pere


Design, Art, Graphic, Design, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Indigenous, Sculpture, Painting, Installation Art


Art and Design | Art Practice | Fine Arts | Indigenous Studies | Intellectual History

Artist Statement

Imagine what the world would be like if we couldn’t feel anything, as if we had no senses or emotions. Humans tend to forget to be grateful for the smaller pleasures in life. This series was created to interact with the viewer both physically and psychologically. It has once been said that the human body should be one with the universe and mind. I think that these two things go hand in hand through artistic introspection.

Making art that persuades the viewer to dig deep inside their mind is something that I strived to do with this series. The Clouds are made of metal wire, quilt batting, and charcoal. This piece hangs from the ceiling right above the viewer’s head, so it feels like you are walking through the sky, providing a sense of euphoria and nostalgia. Meadow Moon is made up of metal wire, faux flower, thread, and feathers. It was made as a reminder to stay connected to your roots and to remember where you came from. It was also made as a reminder to keep looking up at the beauty of the moon. Jewels is a piece made up of a deconstructed felt painting, faux jewels, and faux feathers. Out of all the three pieces, this one is the most personal to me and represents a reminder to myself to not forget my indigenous background and to always remain humble. With experimentation, an open-mind, and curiosity, this series was created to engage the viewer in an organic and natural way.


Not2rivers Design.

Indigenous Woman.