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This is a portfolio created for Senior Art Exhibition 2020. Work includes the brand identity for a cafe.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


De Pere, Wi


Graphic Design, Logo, Cafe, Package Design, Branding


Art and Design

Artist Statement

As a graphic designer, a large portion of my work is composed of brand identities and packaging design. The work in this portfolio explores both. I created the series, Nestled Cafe, to portray the branding of a fictionalized Cafe. The series includes a logo, menu, poster, business card, and coffee cup. The design behind a business identity is crucial, as it influences a potential customer’s decision to visit. To begin, I explored a diversity of cafes in order to discover how the identity correlated to the look and feel of the cafe. My goal was to convey that Nestled Cafe has a relaxed, comfortable, inviting atmosphere. I convey this through a minimal aesthetic. Clean, simple designs give a welcoming and personal sensation. The neutral and organic color palette are used to create a cozy feeling.


Hannah Airoldi

Hannah Airoldi, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio