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Photo album series of digital illustrations and package design, labels and website for made up brand of beer

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


De Pere


Digital Illustration, Package Design, graphic design, art, art show, photographs, website, web design


Art and Design

Artist Statement

The work presented is created from hand drawn experimentation and utilizes charm and humor to engage viewers. It combines my passion for drawing and graphic design. My Doodle-Stration series is inspired by a love of cartoons, such as Pixar movies, and my package design is inspired by contemporary design elements like limited color palettes and typography focal points. I want the work to make viewers laugh.

Cartoon inspiration in the Monster Doodle - Strations series is present in style and humor. I was able to digitally mimic my sketchy drawing style, often done in charcoal, with different brush sizes to create gestural and animated line work. Flat color provides contrast against this gestural line work.

To design the packaging, I combined digital illustration with contemporary design elements. For Mo’ Brews, I designed a logo, brand message, media outlets, labels and packaging. The animal illustrations on each label and the limited color palette of each brew are inspired by current trends in design. The typography conveys what the brand is and showcases the slogan. Make sure to click the link to see more and to learn about the mission behind the brand on its website.


Maureen Gillespie

Doodle-Strations & Package Design