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This portfolio was created for the 2020 Senior Art Exhibition. It includes work based off of famous broadway musicals and the Pop Art movement.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This poster series explores a variety of artists deriving from the Pop Art movement. As a movie buff, I became inspired to create these pieces about some of my favorite musical films. I reference and incorporate the styles and techniques of artists from the Pop Art movement while tying in the recognizable characters and figures from each movie. Through the typography, colors and detail of each piece I was able to reference both the artist and the movie in recognizable ways. I paired each movie and style of art together so as to successfully illustrate characteristics and styles from each. The use of color was very important throughout each of my pieces as it spoke to both the movement and the movie. As the Pop Art movement consisted of vast amounts of bold and bright colors, I chose musicals that are fun and upbeat and showcase those same colors throughout.


Sara Winkel

Sara Winkel: Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio