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This is a portfolio created for Senior Art Exhibition Spring 2020. This work included sport photography.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


De Pere, WI


Sport photography, softball, gender, art


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My art explores femininity and athleticism by featuring women in sports, specifically the women of the St. Norbert College softball team. These photos were taken when the St. Norbert College Softball team was in Kissimmee, Florida participating in their spring games tournament. The sports photography used in this body of work features my collegiate teammates, Allison Knop, Carley Frauenhoff, Emma Molenhouse, Alyssa Sikora and Sarah Koltermann, in active play. I competed with St. Norbert College for four years.This work brings attention to the fact that sports are longer dominated by men.

My experience growing up, participating in sporting events with photographers around me, influenced me to make this body of work. Today, women have united and have become stronger and more resilient in rewriting the history of sports. Sports are no longer male dominant.


Brianna Braeger

Brianna Braeger, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio