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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Flat Design, Brochure Design


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Through much of my childhood, hardships and hard truths were turned into jokes. While humor is a coping mechanism shared by many, each person’s sense of humor remains completely distinct. This is, in some ways, how a person can learn to paint a dark picture with bright colors. In this way, a jungle scene of a sloth can feature a cave in the background that is host to hungry eyes, but the style and colors were chosen to illustrate this changes the story to something bubbly and warm. This side of me that deals in the ephemeral adds a sense of levity, and creating becomes about holding onto the original perspective in which I first saw the world.

My work as a graphic designer is largely about color. My push is often towards clarity. When designing, I try to find a way to reach consumers searching for products on ever crowded shelves. This means creating a clear design that presents information at a glance, or the utilization of well thought out layout, organization, and visual hierarchy. My brochure for Shopko walks the reader through carefully chunked information. The layout is designed to make content more approachable and interactive. My process consists of the constant question of, “How can I make someone understand this faster and easier?”.


Alex James Velicer

Alex Velicer Senior Art Portfolio