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My senior art final is a booklet featuring illustrations of couples over fifty in varying scenes of sexual intimacy with comedic twists. In my eyes, sex should not be treated with such seriousness, and instead is something that should be laughed at, as it is a hilarious experience filled with pinched nerves, weird faces, and off-putting bodily noises. Learning to laugh at the things that make people uncomfortable is an important way to normalize them and allow others to talk about it without judgement or shame. With this work, I intend to poke holes in the idealized image western society has of sex, wherein couples are physically perfect and face no hindrances or roadblocks to intimacy. Sex does not need to be regulated to merely a source of titillation or personal shame, it can be a way to achieve closeness and a vulnerability with others. I use the genre of erotica to draw attention to non-idealized images of sex, where mistakes are made and messes are frequent. To me, human body is rife with wonderful flaws, and removing the illusion of perfection and age restrictions can better normalize the realities of sex and sexuality.

Semester Completed

Spring 2020


Art and Design


Property of Bruce Marlow

Erotic Elders: Getting Freaky Over Fifty