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Semester Completed

Spring 2020




Art and Design

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a kid, I have been enthralled by the unrelenting form of dance. I danced ballet for many years of my life, trying to perfect my form in dance. What started out as a hobby almost turned into an obsession at one point in my dancing career. The best part about it is able to explore the different movements of the human body and how it does things that would normally seem out of the ordinary but beautiful at the same time. It always made me question how we were able to do many of the things that we were able to do at the time. It was an amazing thought to think that we could simply stand and support the entire weight of our body on the tips of our toes on little wooden boxes without breaking them, most of the time.

My work explores the relationship between the art of dance and the human body. With influences as diverse as Dega and different anatomy textbooks. The pieces of work that is presented in my gallery all present different traditional poses of dancers. The reason behind wanting to do traditional poses is during my dance career, the style of dance that was taught was traditional French ballet. My shoes, my outfits, everything relating to what I was doing was taught to me as it would have been years ago. Which to me makes it more memorable and closer to my heart when dancing since it seems as if there is a connection to the past in the present. When thinking of what poses I wanted to showcase, my previous dance teacher offered me a time where I would be able to come in and take many different photos of the dancers while they were all practicing and rehearsing their dances. Being very grateful for this opportunity I took as many photos as possible. It allowed me and to use these photos as references to create the many visuals that you see in front of you right now. If it wasn’t for these ladies I would not have had the opportunity that I did to create what my passions were about.


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The Last Dance, Senior Art Portfolio