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This video installation was created for the SNC Senior Art Capstone that was exhibited in the SNC Bush Art Center Galleries in the spring of 2021.

Semester Completed

Spring 2021


De Pere


video installation, photography, chair, art, landscape, nature, dynamic interactions, art installation, black and white photography


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This piece highlights the role of an individual’s interaction within landscapes; specifically landscapes that depict human and nature interactions.

Each photograph is of a different scene, however, in all the photographs there is a seated individual in the same chair, back to the camera. The seated individual is located the same distance from the camera, in the center of the frame. As the projection changes from photo to photo, the seated individuals appear unmoved, unaffected by the changing scenes around them. With only the back of the individual visible, the viewer is able to connect to each image as if they were the seated individual.

The same chair appears in the gallery, allowing the viewer to sit and watch the series of photographs. The seated viewer not only views the landscapes, they too make up the center of their own landscape. Seated in the chair, life around them continues.

As individuals, we live and partake in the dynamic interaction of human and nature. The landscapes captured in this series explore the idea of human presence in regards to the use of space. These images were created to inspire the viewer to bring attention to the landscapes they inhabit; to be aware of the dynamic roles one plays in the alteration of nature.


Audrey Shreiner

Woven Landscapes. Audrey Shreiner, SNC Senior Art Exhibition 2021