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This is a body of illustrative work created for the Senior Art Capstone, and exhibited in the Bush Art Center galleries in Spring 2021.

Semester Completed

Spring 2021


Illustration, Children's Art, Fiber Work, Dragons, Insects


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I am creating little friends to keep you company in your life, an extra soul to connect with. The term illustration expands beyond just drawing or painting something: illustration is solving problems, finding solutions to expressing an idea, and telling stories. My body of work focuses on illustrating across mediums, and reaching a broad audience, but more specifically children. I believe the best artwork is something that can be appreciated by someone of any age, of any identity. The work that I’ve come to create over the past couple years is atypical subject matter and art that I’ve longed to see and experience my entire life. My most recent works, “Alphabugs”, the Foldout Dragon series, and felted creature series, I describe as pieces of art that are whimsical and accessible to children. They’re detailed, well thought out pieces of artwork, utilizing advanced artist techniques, but are also décor and toys that could belong to a child. The felted creatures are, above all, toys, but are created with a precise and tedious needle felting practice. The Alphabugs series is made up of 26 individual relief print blocks. The Foldout Dragons are painted in gouache.

Something present in all of my work is play. Play of some sort, whether it’s personality, expression, narration, there always has to be some character to it. Work that can stand alone and that obviously has more of a story, or a secret to it. I want my audience to see my brightly colored insects that run their own farmer’s market booth, and relate to them and long to learn their story. I want children and adults alike to pick up a dragon, fold him up or lay him flat, place him in a silly location that a dragon doesn’t belong, give him a personality. I am creating art that will reach everyone, art that can be displayed in someone’s home or become a fond friend in the memories of a child.


Grace Beno

Grace Beno, Senior Art Exhibition