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A body of digital illustrations created for the Senior Art Capstone and exhibited in the Bush Art Center galleries in 2021.

Semester Completed

Spring 2021


De Pere


silhouettes, digital illustrations, family, profiles, pink, blue, yellow, white


Art and Design

Artist Statement

In Family Matters, I used Adobe Illustrator in order to convey me and my family’s personality traits and how I view us. I have come to love making art out of silhouettes and wanted to dedicate my senior show to the people who have continuously supported me throughout my college career. Each person is designed with a different color based on who we are. Blue for trust, security, order, cleanliness, strength, and reliability. Yellow to symbolize joy, friendliness, intellect, warmth, and positivity, pink to convey compassion, faithfulness, beauty, love, sensitivity, and wisdom, and white for simplicity, hope, and openness.

Each silhouette is then made up of a little silhouette of that person doing a ritual task that I duplicated, resized, and rotated in order to add movement and flow to each piece. My dad is ironing, my mom is making dinner, my brother (Elliott) is on his phone, and I am working on my computer. By keeping the background black in all three images, it allows the silhouettes and text to pop out while keeping a uniformity between each piece. In addition, the color and placement of text is to compliment the silhouettes rather than be the main focus of attention.


Olivia Platz

Olivia Platz, Senior Art Exhibition