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This is a collection of posters and illustrations created for the senior art capstone and exhibited in the Senior Art Exhibition in the Bush Art Center Galleries in the spring of 2021.

Semester Completed

Spring 2021


De Pere


artist, designer, feminist, queer, lgbtq, illustration, poster


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Neale Tracy is an illustrator, designer, and activist. Their art is personal and political, often with ironic or satirical undertones. It draws from and references political history, pop culture, and feminist history. Neale is inspired and influenced by the work of their peers, street art, the 1970’s feminist art movement, grassroots movements and the subsequent art, and Queer culture–much of which is misappropriated Black culture. She wants her art to be accessible and engaging, and to take up space traditionally held by men. Neale believes that art is the ultimate tool for social change.

Neale prefers to draw in black ink with a pen, but will occasionally work with ink and a nib. These pieces are prints of illustrations done in gouache. Although Neale is usually drawn to comic-style illustrations with quippy one-liners, she also enjoys the intimacy of pieces like these.

As a Graphic Designer, Neale has worked in a variety of capacities. This collection of posters represents a spattering of work done for class, the Cassandra Voss Center, the SNC Art Department, and for fun over the last two years. Themes of bold graphics, red and blue color palettes, and combinations of typography and illustrations are consistent throughout the body of work. The posters are heavily influenced by gig posters, Barbara Kruger, and skate culture. Neale works in a variety of mediums including digital and analogue collage, photography, painting, and illustration, combining them under the umbrella of graphic design.


Neale Tracy

Neale Tracy, Senior Art Exhibition