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This portfolio represents my senior art exhibition, displaced in the baer art gallery of the bush art center in spring 2021

Semester Completed

Spring 2021


De pere


self portrait, digital illustration, body image, body confidence, self confidence


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities

Artist Statement

Low self-esteem and a negative body image was a concept that was introduced to me at a young age. I was concerned about my appearance. The body images portrayed rarely ever looked like me. Looking at my body, I would be a harsh unkind judge. Out of all my beautiful features I only saw a thick unwanted stomach and chubby face. I spent a long time comparing myself by appearance to others. My parents would always point out all my unique and wonderful qualities. They are a big reason why my ego is the size it is now. It's huge (just ask my friends). My parents would talk about how beautiful brown eyes were, my gorgeous long hair and strong muscles. My natural humorous and kind personality is such a gift but sadly I would lose focus on what was so good about myself. It's sad for me to recall how I allowed such unhealthy feelings to determine how I felt the majority of the time about my body.

As I grew, so did my confidence. I started to understand myself. I joined sports that made me work hard, helping me grow and strengthen my muscles. I began developing a personal style, finding clothes that made me feel good and confident. My thoughts on my body started to change, I still see my thick stomach and chubby face but my goals changed from “wanting to be skinny” to “I want to be healthy and strong”. Growing up into my young adult age, I began to see myself as a beautiful, unique and sensual woman. Self love was blossoming during quarantine, I began experimenting with different full body poses. I did numerous sketches and tried different drawing techniques. I used photographs to capture the image and experimented with a variety of mediums. Through this process, I started to develop more confidence in my appearance. My art was/is like healing therapy for me. Seeing my body as a unique piece of living art. When I am drawing, I am healing. My works of art guide my vision path to building my god complex. They make me feel like the woman I know I want to be, a woman who loves everything about herself.


Sophia King

Sophia King, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio