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This document represents the Senior Show Exhibition portfolio of Cora McMains, which was exhibited in the Bush Art Center Galleries in Spring 2022.

Semester Completed

Spring 2022


De Pere, WI


art exhibition, illustration, ink, character design, narrative


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This body of work is a love letter to my younger self. As a child, I loved to tell stories. There was always a character and story unfolding in my mind. At the time I thought I just liked to tell stories, but when I reflect now, as an adult, I can see it was because I never saw myself reflected in the entertainment genres I loved. Fantasy, sci-fi, and superheroes all seemed to be about men. I rarely saw women, and never saw women who had their own stories. I was creating characters so that I could see myself in those worlds.

Now, as an artist, I am creating art of the characters I created, women with their own stories. These characters range in age, from being with me since I was just seven years old to being invented in the last few years. Each character reflects the influences and aesthetics I loved at the time of their creation. The oldest takes influence from the shows that portrayed girls as heroes. The design is reminiscent of a childrens’ show because that was the only media showing girls in those roles. The second piece takes inspiration from anime. The last two pieces are heavily influenced by comic books and webcomics.


Cora McMains

Cora McMains, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio