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This document represents the Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio of Megan Huth, which was exhibited in the Bush Art Center Galleries in Spring of 2022.

Semester Completed

Spring 2022


De Pere, WI


Art Exhibition, Packaging, Advertisement, Graphic Design, Branding


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Stepping into JOIN Brewing Co. should bring good conversations with the people we love. When someone sees the bold, modern design and tastes the unique flavors of beer and seltzers, they are in for a fun, indulgent experience. On display are labeled beer and seltzer cans, advertisements, merchandise, and a brand guidelines booklet. My goal was to experiment with my newfound knowledge of packaging design and brand development to invent and promote an original brewery.

Inspiration for this project came from the geometry and abstraction of cubism, the boldness of 1960 rock posters, and the sophistication of De Stijl. I incorporated similar geometric elements and a bold typeface to create a simple design. The colors represent different flavor profiles to help make connections between our senses of sight and taste.

I designed the logo first to set the feeling and style. Having the logo enclosed by a circle represents community and coming together. Incorporating the draft beer faucet icon on all of the pieces acts as a common element to make the brand more recognizable. To ensure the integrity of the brand is maintained, I have created a brand guidelines booklet to make sure any future artwork matches the packaging, merchandise, and posters.


Megan Huth

Megan Huth, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio