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This portfolio represents the Senior Art Exhibition of Marybeth Koss, Presented in Spring 2022.

Semester Completed

Spring 2022


De Pere WI


Art Exhibition, Photography, Water


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Marybeth Koss

Artist Statement

Water was chosen as the subject matter for this work because of its movement and the vital role it plays in life. Humans harness it to fulfill our everyday needs, but there is so much more it has to offer, if we slow down to look. Intertwined in many cultures and civilizations as a centerpoint of settling, it is critical to our ability to survive. Water has immense power but is also strikingly delicate in its various forms. Photography allows me to capture the powerful moments that are crucial to working with water while realistically portraying its delicate flow. I used Adobe Lightroom to enhance the natural beauty of different water forms. To present this subject uniquely I chose to zoom in on the water and focus on the forms that are created by its fluidity or crystallization.

I was interested in exploring the large variety of forms that water provides. I intentionally went to places where water is the main attraction, but also kept my eyes open for unexpected opportunities to photograph it. I searched out locations that are centralized around a water form, but I would also look for its forms in other opportunities. Other than a few set locations, the photographs were completely spontaneous. The impetus for this work came from my love of hiking at waterfalls with my family and watching storms with them. These photos are like little memories from those trips and moments spent with my family and friends. They are meant to revitalize the viewer and bring a sense of peace, as if they are sitting in front of the actual water scene.


Marybeth Koss

Marybeth Koss, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio