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Here is my design installation created for my Senior Art Exhibition.

Semester Completed

Fall 2022


De Pere, Wisconsin


Interior Design, Pattern Design, Handmade Flowers, Vinyl Wallcovering, Dining Room Table, Ceramics, Handmade Dishes


Art and Design | Interior Design

Artist Statement

This project was inspired by my interest in interior design. The design responds to the unique architecture of the room and each piece was created with future use in my own home in mind. I believe good design has personality and reflects the people for whom it is designed. Handmade elements are important to me; they bring uniqueness and character to a design; one can see the hand of the maker behind the art. For this exhibition, I made ceramic dishes and paper flowers for the table in this project. Flora is a major theme in this design, which features the paper flowers as well as floral elements in the patterns.

Elements of nature are sources of inspiration in much of my work because nature is something that brings me peace, happiness, and clarity. Incorporating pieces of that into my designs brings those feelings to the work itself. I also enjoy mixing styles and textures, so I pulled in some more mid-century modern elements to contrast with the soft, organic style of the floral elements. An example of this is putting black hairpin legs on a Victorian style dining table or pairing abstract and simple canvases with the dense floral pattern on the walls.


Rachel Stover

Rachel Stover: Senior Art Exhibition