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This is Madisyn Brisbane's Senior Art Portfolio for Spring 2023. This project focuses on breast cancer awareness.

Semester Completed

Spring 2023


De Pere


graphic design, breast cancer awareness, clothing


Art and Design

Artist Statement

It’s Her Time focuses on breast cancer awareness along with the well-being of the patients. I used real-life experience for the project idea and photography, graphic design, and marketing to help showcase the products. Items such as clothing, tumblers, and ball caps will have unique, uplifting designs that bring joy to the patient receiving the box. A family member or friend could buy this box for their loved one to remind them of the love and support around them. I used graphic design and marketing techniques to find the best way to design the outside of the box as well as the inside and to give the patient the best experience possible when opening the box.

The cancer box is designed to be elegant but simple enough that every patient would be happy to have these special items during their cancer treatment. I have dedicated this to my mom who was incredibly strong when she went through her treatment. This project is my way of supporting my mother going through her recovery, as well as other women going through the same battles.


Madisyn Brisbane

Madisyn Brisbane Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio