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This is Sammi Digman's senior art exhibition portfolio created in 2023.

Semester Completed

Spring 2023


De Pere


Sculpture, Photography Installation, Organic Shapes, Street Photography, Paper Folding


Art and Design

Artist Statement

Within each of the individual shapes is a photograph. This makes the whole piece feel like art within art. The sculpture itself is an organic shape, and the photography within the shapes creates a sense of depth and different perspectives from every angle.

I chose to create sculpture with my photographs because it provides the viewer with the opportunity to investigate the combination of two mediums at once. I wanted to have this sculpture hanging so it is more interactive and gallery visitors are able to view the piece from every angle. By just showing a glimpse of the photographs, I hope to create an element of mystery leaving the viewer longing to know more and to allow for further investigation to look deeply within the individual shapes at the many different photographs.


Sammi Digman

Sammi Digman: Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio