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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere, WI


graphic design, typography, oil painting, brochure design, printmaking


Art and Design

Artist Statement

My artwork conveys emotion through contrast, geometric shapes, typography, and saturated color. I use typography as a starting point for design. I am drawn to typefaces that have elements of texture to convey drama, as illustrated in my piece “Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Be Afraid Not to Try.” I use geometric shapes as building blocks for having a specific pattern throughout my design. This simple element corresponds to the texture within the typography I choose. Saturated color selection is a major staple in my artwork because it enables contrasts to be shown through all instances. I use color to create visual appeal as well as emotions of interest and happiness. These elements are what I strive for throughout my design work and in my studio work.

I am strongly influenced by the De Stijl movement and pop art of Andy Warhol. The De Stijl movement emphasized simple elements of line and shape to create texture and movement throughout. The purpose of the piece displays elements of clarity that are caused by the simple straight forward elements. Pop Art is best described through saturated colors, used to create focal points. Layering that displays depth that makes the artwork more appealing. In my studio work, this is an important element of what I look to do. For example, in the piece “Penny” there are many different layers that overlap throughout the drips as well as color.


Jill Kleiman

Jill Kleiman Senior Art Portfolio