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This document represents the Senior Art Exhibition of Benjamin Petropoulos, shown in the Bush Art Center Galleries in Spring 2023. It's a venture into character design for a narrative setting.

Semester Completed

Spring 2023


De Pere, WI


Art Exhibition, Senior Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Design, Animatic


Art and Design

Artist Statement

This project consists of two parts. The first part is a set of five prints, each displaying three characters I have designed. Each print started out as a drawing on paper, which was then scanned, and then finalized using a digital art program. The second part is an animatic featuring some of these characters. It depicts a scene that takes place near the beginning of the story. It follows Benjamin, an up-and-coming artist struggling with anxiety, who gets transported into his sketchbook. He encounters two characters; Mina, an optimistic yet naive young woman, and Skrete, a pragmatic ninja who mentors Mina. The three of them must team up to stop an oncoming reign of terror brought on by villainous characters while also meeting a colorful cast of supporting characters.

Character design is my favorite aspect of design. When I make new characters, I follow a strict plan. I start with a character’s personality traits, any powers or special abilities, and then I come up with a design for them. My goal is to design my characters that are distinct from one another. I first try to give them a design that gives them a recognizable silhouette. If that doesn’t work, then I will make use of color and value to distinguish them.


Benjamin Petropoulos

Benjamin Petropoulos, Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio