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This is the Senior Art Portfolio of Emily Gonnering created in Spring 2023. The portfolio showcases a project that includes 5 large scale acrylic paintings.

Semester Completed

Spring 2023




acrylic painting, journal entries, large-scale, canvas, quotes


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I am an avid journal keeper. I write down everything in my life that I know. I’ll want to remember down the road: hopes, dreams, loves, losses. I write them and reread them so I can learn more about who I am and reflect on my character. I am now giving you a look inside my head. These paintings are quotes from my journals titled with the exact words I’ve written at those times. This is what has happened to me, what has inspired me, what has hurt me, and how I feel.

To make these paintings, I thought about what each quote would look like in visual form. The paintings needed to be loose and dream-like symbolizing the idea of memory. Most of the paintings have figures in them because people have the most impact on my life. They give me experiences and show me new ways to think. Each painting is my point of view in a pastime haze. In order to achieve this, I used a lot of water. There are many layers in my painting process. The feeling the memory evokes influences the choices I make while painting. Some colors have been applied with my hand and some with the smallest paintbrush in my collection. I’m not only building momentum on a project with these layers, but I’m hinting at all the conversations, emotions, and written words that go into each situation.


Emily Gonnering

Emily Gonnering Senior Art Exhibition Portfolio