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Portfolio of Nate Mohoney, Senior art exhibition 2024

Semester Completed

Spring 2024


De Pere


Car photography, video production, cinematography, commercial photography, videography, cars, Wisconsin photographer, trucks


Art and Design

Artist Statement

I see myself as a mediator between the viewer and the subject, uttering my thoughts through photography and cinematography. I create visuals of cars, trucks, people, pets, job sites, landscapes, and much more. The title of my short film reflects this, “CTOBE” is the acronym for Cars, Trucks, Oscar (the cat), Bikes, and Esme (also my cat). If you don’t enjoy what the automotive world offers, you can look forward to the cats. I achieve all of my stills and videos with the same Sony mirrorless camera and Adobe CC applications.

Being diagnosed as a car enthusiast, I am driven to create automotive-related content. When I am present with my camera and a vehicle, everything else ceases to matter. There is no fun “artsy” reason, I just like the stuff. I hope you do too.


Nathaniel Mohoney, 2024

Nate Mohoney, Senior Art Portfolio