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Semester Completed

Spring 2017


De Pere


haley kropp, haley leigh, graphic design, occhiolism, oil painting, screen printing, package design, illustration, design


Art and Design | Graphic Design | Illustration | Printmaking

Artist Statement

As a designer, my goal is to convey emotion through experience whether it is viewing a piece of fine work or using a product. Everything has a unique vibe that is being portrayed. My work explores things that matter in my life or ideas that I want to share with others such as my interest in nature, daily routine, or reflective thoughts.

I would like viewers to experience new perspectives when they look at my work. Much of my work is a combination of both abstraction and realism. For example, in my painting, “Nature Mashup,” I paint in a more realistic style while it is also abstracted by the way two images are deconstructed and reconstructed into a new image. These combinations are key because it creates wonder in my work.

The color choices in my artwork have a relaxing feel, with very earthy tones and pastel colors. I use contrast often by choosing a very bold color with tonal colors. For example, in my skull “Occhiolism” piece, I have a bold navy background color with softer pastel colors on top in the triangle shapes. I also use negative space, shape, and typography consistently in my work. These appear in the “Occhiolism” piece, as well as the Lotea package and “The Paper Bag Collection.” I use a lot of shape and typography to present Lotea, while “The Paper Bag Collection” uses a lot of negative space.


Haley Kropp

Haley Kropp Senior Art Portfolio