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Fall 2021


This course is designed to give students a multilevel perspective on the social, biological, and neurological consequences of childhood adversity, such as poverty, maltreatment, and institutionalization. Students will learn about the importance of timing and duration of adversity as well as type of adversity. Childhood adversity and its influence on the child’s social attachments, biological health, and mental well-being will also be examined. Emphasis will be placed on understanding how the biological realities of early adversity contribute to various emotional and behavioral problems later in life. Students will also consider how some children appear resilient in the face of these challenges while other children face lifelong obstacles due to their experiences. In addition to learning about the forms of adversity faced by children, we will be serving children at risk for these experiences during the semester. We will be working with Howe Elementary 21CCLC Afterschool Program. Students are expected to complete 30 hours of service during the semester. It is expected that you volunteer once a week for three hours at Howe Elementary until your hours are complete. To allow children to get to know you, please plan on volunteering during the same day of each week. Please let me know if transportation to the site will be an issue for you and I will work to arrange a carpool. If this arrangement does not work please let me know as soon as possible

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