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Spring 2016


SPAN 300 is the first course in the Spanish major. As the foundation for all the other advanced courses in Spanish, the goal for students in this course is to significantly improve their Spanish language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) through exposure to a variety of texts, and through ample opportunities to communicate in speaking and writing about those texts and the themes they suggest. A second goal is to expand students’ knowledge about Hispanic culture. You will pursue this through the readings and class discussions, and also through the community engagement (CENG) project that forms a large part of this course. It is important to understand that the texts, community engagement project, class conversations, and other course materials are relevant not only to the major but also to any other application students may make of Spanish and Hispanic culture in their lives, since they involve matters universally important, such as self and society, religion and beliefs, government, the aesthetic experience, and culture and values. This course, conducted entirely in Spanish, represents a constant challenge for you to comprehend and communicate with increasing proficiency. Every activity is an opportunity to use and improve your skills.