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The goal of this wage study was to compare the salaries offered by the Cerebral Palsy Center to Green Bay market salaries. The Cerebral Palsy Center has thirty-eight positions that needed to be evaluated and compared with salaries offered in the Green Bay market. The study the CP Center conducted in 2013 comparing its specific positions’ salaries to the area was used as a reference. This helped to illustrate how much the market wage has changed and served as a basis to compare newly researched data. A variety of resources were used to find the specific positions listed by the CP Center. Depending on how specific the position was, the search was refined to the position requirements and location.


Jamie O’Brien, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Marc Schaffer, Assistant Professor of Economics

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cerebral palsy, market wage, Cerebral Palsy Center, Rikki Gingras, Jamie O'Brien, Marc Schaffer, Green Bay

Cerebral Palsy Center: 2016 Wage Study

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