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Social media is a largely prevalent, but understudied aspect of life. The Facebook Experiment conducted by Tromholt found statistical evidence that Facebook use negatively affected well-being and life satisfaction (2016). This study was a replication of the Facebook Experiment that was altered to use the social media platform, Instagram, instead. The study was conducted in one week with seven participants, four females and three males, with ages ranging from 20-22, all were white. The study examined the effects that Instagram has on well-being and life satisfaction. Participants were asked to take a survey to measure their well-being and life satisfaction and then were randomly assigned to either stay off of Instagram for a week or maintain normal usage. After the week participants took the same survey as they did before their assignment. The results after a week found no statistical evidence that Instagram usage changed participants’ well-being or life satisfaction. Because of this the study could not conclude that Instagram negatively impacts individuals.


Dr. Danielle Geerling, Psychology

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psychology, social media, emotional well-being

Effects of Social Media Use on Emotional Well-being and Life Satisfaction

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