Investigating the Flow Behavior in a Radial Gate/Crump Weir System



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The radial gate is a unique control structure that acts to constrict fluid vertically with minimal friction and has many applications, including uses in hydroelectric power generation by controlling the flow rate through dams, spillways, and river barrages. The crump weir is a fixed triangle-shaped weir that acts as an asymmetrical ramp for fluid to pass over. The purpose of this study is to investigate how the Froude number, a quantity that characterizes flow behavior, is affected by the horizontal location of a radial gate over a crump weir. We studied this system by changing the position of the radial gate over the crump weir to measure fluid velocities and discharge depths in the inflow and outflow segments of an open channel, rectangular flume to calculate a Froude number for both segments while controlling the distance between the structures. We predict that the height of the free surface relative to the floor of the channel will remain constant after the influence of the radial gate for differing control structure configurations. This research can be used to model various systems of a radial gate with a changing floor height.


Dr. Terry Jo Leiterman, Mathematics

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mathematics, radial gate

Investigating the Flow Behavior in a Radial Gate/Crump Weir System