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As a free software tool, IHMC CmapTools redefines the concept mapping learning strategy with an infusion of technology to provide students with meaningful and non-rote learning experiences. The following review discusses what IHMC

CmapTools is, the literature-supported academic benefits of student-employed concept mapping, and how my secondary social studies colleague and I introduced this software to his students to create meaningful learning opportunities with social studies content. After working with IHMC CmapTools for over four years in both social studies and non-social studies classes, I would strongly encourage social studies educators in grades 5-12 to consider implementing this tool in their instruction as a means of enriching both their students’ engagement with social studies material and their students’ understanding of their own metacognitive processes.

Publication Date

Winter 2017


Social Studies Education Review


IHMC CmapTools, concept mapping, meaningful learning, social studies


Arts and Humanities | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Map It! Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences in  Social Studies with IHMC CmapTools