The Gap Experience seeks to deepen the experience of communio by promoting transformative student learning; addressing real community needs; building relationships of mutuality; and working for the common good. Through a unique combination of outdoor adventure challenge, demanding study and travel abroad, students are emboldened to confront complex social-justice issues and engage in real-world solutions to these problems.

Created by students in the Gap program, these digital stories were created to explain how each student lived this mission during their 3-month adventure in the program. Each student was encouraged to think wholistically about what they learned about themselves, their fellow students, leadership, teamwork and what it means to live in the spirit of communio while addressing the social injustices in the world.


Submissions from 2017

Gap Experience, Brinn Anderson

The Power of Community, CJ Byrd

Values, Morgan Cornette

Impact of Choices, Della Haanen

The Beauty of Community, Janie Janczakowski

The Invisible Hand, Jack Mannebach

No More Single Stories, Brian Meyer

Silence the Root of All Problems, Rose Peterson

The Power of Storytelling, Audrey Shreiner